Uncompromising jewelry for every woman

At Janet Lasher Jewelry we make jewelry for every woman, every age, every size, every day. 

Now, you can find jewelry that reflects your style and fits you perfectly.

We commit to bringing you jewelry that expresses intelligence, individuality, and professionalism without compromising style in any size.

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You can make jewelry the exclamation point of your look!

Isn't it time to love the way you look and let your beauty shine through?

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The jewelry industry is ignoring you

Enhance how you show up in the world

At Janet Lasher Jewelry, we believe that every woman, at every age, at every size, at every level of the professional ladder deserves to enhance how they look to the world every single day.

​That is why we are committed every day to providing jewelry that expresses intelligence, individuality, and professionalism without compromising style or selection. Every ring, bracelet, necklace, or brooch is created specially to enhance your beauty and to bring confidence to your day.

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More accurate than a piece of string - and you can slide it on and off to check how it feels over your knuckles - and it is reusable - forever.

Now you can shop for rings for all your fingers - with confidence!  Click below to purchase a reusable ring sizer for $5.00.

When you purchase a ring sizer  - you will receive a$10.00 coupon to use on your nextRING order!

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Our most popular hard-to-fit pieces

For possibly the first time in your life, you can shop with confidence that your size is available in a ring, necklace, or bracelet; and that you can create a grouping of coordinating pieces - that fit you.  

If you don't see your size - don't worry, we usually have similar stones in the studio and will happily make a similar style for you - in your size.

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I am so happy to tell you that the newest collection of pieces include a few 25K gold plated items and lots of new gemstones featured in rings and earrings.

Also you will be able to select a payment plan with AfterPay when you are ready to make your purchase.

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