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Sextet of Amethyst/Citrine/Rose Quartz Druzy Necklace with Freeform Pendant

The centerpiece of the collection – a multi-colored amethyst, citrine, &amp, rose quartz druzy pendant necklace. The sterling silver necklace measures 24 ½ inches and the rounded triangular pendant falls 1 ¾ inches below the necklace. Comfortable to wear and will coordinate with any wardrobe. Perfectly suitable with a tee shirt and jeans or a silk sheath evening dress. The selection of 6 oval druzy stations are coordinated – in a variety of pastel color crystals. The effect is very flattering and unique. Each of the druzy crystal gems are ¾” wide and are surrounded with similar shaped oval sterling links. The necklace has a toggle clasp for easy wearing. All the druzy cabochons in this collection are sourced directly from a gem cutting school in Uruguay. All natural, no enhanced colors – simply the beauty directly from the mine.

24 1/2" Long Necklace