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If you are like us, finding for fashion - classic or style forward - is never easy. The fashion industry let many women down because style is not a size - it is an expression of confidence.

Every woman deserves to shop with confidence and not made to feel uncomfortable when our choices are not sized for our bodies. 


At Janet Lasher Jewelry, we understand. For the past five years, we’ve helped people just like you have a positive and empowering shopping experience without the usual compromise in the traditional marketplace. 

And we are constantly updating our designs and sizes because you have a right to shop within variety & deserve finely made jewelry.

We want you to go out into the world looking and feeling completely pulled together, empowered and the most beautiful person you are.

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At Janet Lasher Jewelry, we know what it feels like to shop for fine jewelry and not find a single thing that expresses your true self and looks great on your body.

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