Let's work together to make your unique designs


Let's make your dream together

It is always extremely exciting to bring you into the design process. All of us dream about bringing our most precious ideas into reality.


Start your journey working from sketches, a conversation, reference photos, or from pieces of fine vintage and heirloom jewelry from your collection.


Browse through our collection of gemstones, look for something new and special or bring new life to gems from your collection or vintage pieces into the mix.


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Re-set your gemstones into personalized fresh contemporary pieces

Repurpose a well-loved family brooch into a ring or bracelet

Bring new life to antique pieces

Unbox heirlooms, modernize design, and enhance your life

Consider creating something to commemorate a special event

Create a contemporary piece that becomes your legacy heirloom

Work from a collection of sketches and clippings

Start the discussion about making a piece of jewelry in collaboration with your dreams!

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