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Re-usable Ring Sizer

Now you can shop for rings for all your fingers - with confidence! 

Would you like to know what your REAL ring size is?  This VERY handy ring sizer is just the thing you need. More accurate than a piece of string - and you can slide it on and off to check how it feels over your knuckles - and it is reusable - forever - well almost. You can size yourself or anyone you like.  This ring sizer 'clicks' through the sizes - and holds the size while you slip on and off - so you can be sure of the size (US sizes 1 - 17 marked with additional marks not numbered on the band).

When you purchase a ring sizer  - you will receive a $10.00 coupon to use on your next RING order!

Please note: If the ring you are selecting has a band width of 4 to 7mm, you might like to go up a half size.  If it is wider than 7mm or you tend to swell through the day, you might want to go up a full size for comfortable wearing all day.